Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time Flies...

Wow. I haven't posted since December 9? I'm sorry! Here's a quick recap of notable events over the last month and a half. They're in no particular order because I have a craptastic memory and little concept of time. Asking me to put it all in order would be cruel, and my post would never make it up to the blog if I tried.

Most recent and most sad is the passing of my great uncle, the last and youngest of my grandmother's 12 siblings. (Most tragic to note is that of 12 children, only seven made it to adulthood, and one of those seven was killed during WWII. Seeing how awful it was for my mother to lose one child, I can't imagine what toll those statistics took on my great grandmother.) Uncle John hit the lifelong lottery. At the amazing age of 94, he maintained a sound mind and good health up until this latest illness.

Mighty B. has been a mighty challenge. This year, Santa gave him his presents but also gave him a stocking filled with coal instead of goodies. B. wasn't the least bit upset by it, at least on the outside. Santa has been waiting for a day of outstanding behavior to give B. his stocking stuffers, but there hasn't been any. *sigh*

Precious Daughter confessed that she has a crush on a boy in her classroom. I haven't mentioned this tidbit to The Oracle, mostly because I forgot to tell him. He was working late when she told me, and I tend to nap when he's around because I can. Midnight shift can really suck sometimes.
Her Nibs is going to be two in just a few weeks. I can't believe it! She is trying potty training on for size. For the last couple months, she has intermittently peed in the potty. It's not consistent by any means, but she knows what it's for and isn't afraid of it, so I anticipate it will be easier than it was with the first two. Mighty B. was (surprise!) just stubborn about it, and Precious Daughter was afraid of the flush. (Wanna send an almost potty-trained three-year-old into an absolute panic? Take her to an echoey department-store bathroom with auto-flush toilets at lunch time. To this day, she hates auto-flush.)

It's snowing today. We've had snow just about every week since Christmas, and I'm loving every inch of it. Yeah, shoveling sucks, but snow just makes the winter world look so much brighter. I guess it's easy for me to love it when I'm sitting in my living room and looking out the window. I can honestly say that even when I had to fishtail my way (in my '72 Duster) along the seventeen-mile trek to work, I still loved it.

Hey, does anyone have a '72 Duster for sale, one that hasn't been modified for racing?

I just learned that my kids are getting out early today, so maybe I won't have to shovel! Haha!!!!