Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Pictures

In no particular order, because I hate shuffling pictures around in Blogger. The majority of photos were taken in December during the Santa special train ride

Doing the Fig Newton ("Here's the tricky part!" Remember that commercial?)

Summertime, Knoebel's Amusement Park.

B's First Communion in May. Not sure whether I posted about this or not. Handsome kid, isn't he? He insisted on wearing a tuxedo, and he was clearly the best-dressed kid there. I hated giving it all back, but I ordered the tie and pocket square from Beau Ties, Ltd. in Vermont so he'd have something to keep. You can't see it, but the pattern is vintage fighter planes on a gold background. V is in the background, The Oracle is in the shirtsleeves, and the kids' godfather is in the suit.

Back to the Santa train. C with Frosty.

C wants attention, and she knows how to get it. At this moment, she's standing behind the computer and yanking at the wires. She'll be three in February. B and V turned 8 and 10 in August.

Where does the time go?