Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Months?

Ummm... yeah.

I can't believe it's been five months since I've made an entry here. I never meant to send my blog to the scrap heap, but the need for sleep outweighed the need to write things here. I wanted to post, but it seemed like I didn't have the time.

Anyway, most notable in the last five months is the addition of a new Shedder to our household. I found her through the same rescue that gave us Duchess, and I picked her up at the end of April.

Dakota is the biggest Shedder we've ever owned. She can eat off the table without stretching and hovers around 100 pounds. She's one BIG dog. She's seven years old and very affectionate, but she isn't the perpetual puppy that Duchess was. All Duchess ever wanted to do was play.

V and B passed their grades and moved up. V's dance recital in June was excellent, and B's spring baseball was a lot of fun.

My in-laws are doing well. MIL is gradually slowing down more and more and her memory switches off as much as it's on. Well, it's probably more off than on, but we're lucky that her physical health is good, she's mostly compliant with my FIL's care, and she's shown no desire to wander (one of the things I fear most). In fact, her lack of ambition is stunning. My FIL is most persistent in getting her to perform basic exercise, but she'd prefer sitting on the couch (the polar opposite of her pre-stroke self).

The Oracle's contract hassles finally culminated in a new company being awarded the contract once and for all, but we were fortunate that they hired him on. In several respects they've proven to be a fair employer, and I'm most thankful for that.

Me? I'm still working midnights. Most of the time I cashier, but they still put me on the deli once or twice a week. I dislike the deli more with every shift I work.

We had some huge electrical storms pass through the area, and one that took place directly over our house blew out our oven. Last year, I guess it was, we had to replace the oven's electrical panel to the tune of over $400. I'm torn when it comes to replacing the panel again or buying a new oven. Part of me doesn't want the hassle of oven shopping, but the oven is 15+ years old. Ugh.

We also had to replace our washer. I was mightily pissed at the appliance dealer who told me my purchase was not made in China only to discover "Made in China" stamped all over the box when it was delivered. I admit I was tempted to send it back, but I was afraid of losing the baby in the mountain of laundry.

So, in short, I'm busy with everyday stuff. Now that school is back in session, I might have an opportunity here and there to post something interesting, provided something interesting happens. I mean, who wants to read about the kind of junk you endure every day yourself?

Oh! Another dance season has started, and V is in three classes this year. Tap, Jazz, and she also returned to Hip Hop. C is also supposed to start a mommy & me class this year, but they're short on registrations. Hopefully they'll sign up a few more kids in the next couple weeks.