Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big Plan

This is PD's and B's first day off for Easter Break. The are already nitpicking at each other like it's the middle of summer.

V has a guitar she doesn't know how to play. Nibs found the guitar pick and was playing with it. B had the audacity to take the pick away from Nibs. Well, PD caught B with the pick and threw a conniption, charging at him like a bull with her hands like claws. I'm not sure what happened to whom after that, but she got a time out.

So, a couple hours later -- just to add a little spice to his life -- B sneaks up on PD and shouts, "Boo!" to scare her.

This, of course, takes place immediately after I put Nibs down for a nap.

PD immediately freaks at B, shoving him around and screaming in his face at the top of her lungs. During her tirade she says, "You make me want to run away!"

Being no help to her at all, I had to ask a bunch of practical questions like where she'd run to, what she'd eat or drink, and how long she thought she could survive on her own. Based on the answers she gave, her plan is surprisingly simple: She'd live in the back yard, eat nothing, and last about a week.

Oh, my. She's only nine. What will life with her be when she's 13?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Together Again

We said goodbye to our Chessie on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catching up

Hi. Remember me? Neither do I. Author's note: Blogger isn't putting in my paragraphs despite repeated attempts at editing them back in. Sorry for they eyeball pain! ---- I'm still working midnight shift at the convenience store. Work has gotten much easier since one of the cashiers on my shift left and they hired a new person in the deli. I get to spend a fair amount of time on register now. I am just as busy, but the tasks themselves are easier. I also like switching between deli and register. ----- Her Nibs walks and talks and is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it. I've forgotten how much fun toddlers can be, and we're all drinking up every bit of it. She loves her puppy and her blanket and doesn't go anywhere without them. She loves to color and loves books. She says "please," "thank you," and "you're welcome" on a consistent basis (way more than her siblings do), and she uses them appropriately. She loves to dance. The minute she hears music, she's bouncing to the rhythm. She still tries to use the potty. She lost interest for a little bit, but she seems to be turning back to it. She loves frozen peas, chicken thighs, pizza, meatballs, apple slices, grapes, Peppermint Patties, and Dots. Orange juice is her #1 beverage choice, with chocolate milk holding the #2 spot by only a few points. If I let her, she'd drink those two things all day long and skip food completely. ----- Mighty B's Cub Scout troop organized a weekend trip to Washington D.C. I was really excited to go, since my few visits there were short and I didn't get to see much. The Oracle and I have learned that we still can't travel long distances with our kids and stay in hotels because they are still uncivilized banshees. Nibs was the only one who behaved herself, but sleeping in a strange place stressed her out, and, despite utter exhaustion, she had trouble sleeping. ----- Mighty B. started drum lessons in January. In spite of the fact that we have to stand over him with a whip to get him to practice, he seems to be really good at it. His latest obsession is Mario Kart on the Wii. If I let him, he'd play video games all day long. ----- Precious Daughter's latest obsession -- although she won't admit it -- is a boy in her class. She's already feeling the pressure of the jealous girls trying to interfere with that, too. From the evidence brought home, the boy likes her as well. Fortunately, he's a nice kid. While I'm not excited over the fact that my nine-year-old daughter wants to have a "boyfriend," I am comforted by knowing that having a boyfriend in fourth grade simply means you chase each other at recess, and once in a while Mom needs to pack an extra sweet to share with him at lunch. ----- Another dance recital is coming in June as well, and after homework is done I get to hear PD's tap shoes pounding away in the kitchen. I found a pair of tap shoes in Nibs' size at the consignment shop for five bucks so she can properly interfere with PD's practice. Heh-heh-heh... ----- I am passively looking for a dog. It's not an all-out search, just some poking around on Petfinder to see who's available. The Oracle is warming up to the idea. He doesn't want another German Shedder (yet), so I may have to stop being so narrow minded on the subject. He wants an English Bulldog. Well, he'd also like a dachshund or a corgi, but my size requirement is not negotiable. If it's below my shins, I'm going to trip over it. At least if I trip over a bulldog, I won't kill it. ----- Really, though, the Shedder is the perfect dog. They're smart, playful idiots with big teeth and enough of a bad reputation to make strangers think twice about approaching our house. ----- My MIL turns 88 today. Her physical health is amazing. Her mind is slipping some more. She remembers me and the kids with little problem, unless my FIL is giving her a refresher before we arrive. Last night, she was confusing The Oracle with her brother. In her defense, she has always claimed that they looked alike. Anyway, she told The Oracle that he had a nephew that looked just like him, but she couldn't think of the nephew's name. That made me really sad. ----- And now, I must sign off. Her Nibs must be in the midst of a growth spurt. She's been sleeping for 11 hours now, and if I don't wake her up she'll soak out the diaper and wreck her bed.