Friday, September 5, 2008

School - Day Two

Yep. It's only the second day, and this second-grade teacher is getting on my nerves.

One thing I didn't mention yesterday was that Precious Daughter's list required "four pencils with erasers." I bought her mechanical pencils because she has this weird aversion to sharpening them. She doesn't like the idea of them getting short and being thrown away.

Yesterday she brought her mechanical pencils home because she wasn't permitted to have them even though she had them in first grade. In her next breath, she tells me that she'll have to sharpen her pencils at home, too, because the teacher doesn't have a sharpener. (We'll be investigating that on Tuesday night.)

The supplies list also included "1 highligher." I learned today that it has to be a yellow highlighter, that she isn't allowed to have pink. Nowhere on that stupid list did it specify color. On the teacher's individual page it does, but why would I look there if I don't know who her teacher is until the first day of school?

And to think I searched all over to find a single pink highligher, because I hated the idea of being forced to buy a pack of four different colors from the back-to-school aisle. I finally found the pink one in the bookstore/gift shop of a teaching hospital I visited for a deposition.

I'm getting really irked with this woman. At this point, The Oracle will be required to go to back-to-school night, because I'm going to be trapped beneath the rapidly-growing chip on my shoulder.

I suspect, too, that multicolored tennis balls will be returned for replacement. Dang, I don't want to conform.


--V said...

You pay for Precious Daughter to go there, right? Do they forget that? That you work for them? Perhaps they need reminding.

I'm so glad I don't have kids. All these little tin-pot gods in the classrooms, I'd be kickin' it homeschool just like P-Dub does.


--V said...

I meant that they work for you, obviously.

Sigh. I've been fighting with Content Management Software all afternoon in preparation for getting my Team's web site from the old server onto the new. I thought this would be a simple cut-and-paste and reformatting of the text. As I'm reading along while I reformat, though, I'm finding tons of stuff that is out of date, and so I'm rewriting as I go along. Whee! And when they crowned me Webmistress upon joining the Team, I was pleased. Now I feel like an a Native American who's just been given a small-pox infested blanket: "For me? Thank you! ... I don't feel so good." **

Is it time to go home yet?

**Shamelessly lifted from Janeane Garofalo, describing her stint on SNL.

Coffee Bean said...

Now now... look at this from a different perspective! When someone is that uptight it is pretty easy to provide some good ole reality checks. She may need to learn how to lighten up... roll with things... focus on what is really important. I'd get a blue highlighter.

Aimee said...

My step-daughter's last year of school she came home with a supply list that included things like "red 1/2 inch view binder" and "blue three-prong folder with pockets", etc. Now, I understand that education has progressed to a point where a simple Trapper-Keeper with a photo of a kitten on it won't do, but this was ridiculous. Her back-to-school list was $200 easy, and that didn't include basics like pens and notebook paper. And all these fancy, expensive notebooks we had to buy? They would be turned in to the teacher at the end of the year, and we'd never see them again.

I bought a stack of 1 inch view binders (they were on sale) and construction paper. You need a red binder? Here's some red paper. Green binder? More paper. At the end of the year, the papers were stapled together with the construction paper, and I kept the binders.

Her teachers didn't like me very much.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Catholic School all about conforming? E

PS. After reading that I want to add that you should read that with a smile, not meant in a mean way.

Cort said...

For some reason I'm entralled with this story of the anal-retentive teacher, and can't wait to hear how it went when you met with her. I also think the multi-colored tennis balls were brilliant.