Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big Plan

This is PD's and B's first day off for Easter Break. The are already nitpicking at each other like it's the middle of summer.

V has a guitar she doesn't know how to play. Nibs found the guitar pick and was playing with it. B had the audacity to take the pick away from Nibs. Well, PD caught B with the pick and threw a conniption, charging at him like a bull with her hands like claws. I'm not sure what happened to whom after that, but she got a time out.

So, a couple hours later -- just to add a little spice to his life -- B sneaks up on PD and shouts, "Boo!" to scare her.

This, of course, takes place immediately after I put Nibs down for a nap.

PD immediately freaks at B, shoving him around and screaming in his face at the top of her lungs. During her tirade she says, "You make me want to run away!"

Being no help to her at all, I had to ask a bunch of practical questions like where she'd run to, what she'd eat or drink, and how long she thought she could survive on her own. Based on the answers she gave, her plan is surprisingly simple: She'd live in the back yard, eat nothing, and last about a week.

Oh, my. She's only nine. What will life with her be when she's 13?

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