Monday, March 3, 2008

A classic line from DEB

DEB has been taking Aricept for a few weeks now, and little pieces are falling into place. My father-in-law describes it as "connecting the dots." Today, as he was directing her to do something (probably urging her into a bathroom trip since she usually denies having to go) she responds:

"You don't know your a@@ from first base, and they're both about the same size."


This comment is rather nasty, but its acidity is tempered by the fact that this feisty retort is very much a part of DEB's pre-stroke self, much like her depression-era frugality, which has also returned since starting on Aricept.

While she still mixes up where she is and who's deceased, seeing these flickers of her personality make coping with the forgetfulness easier.

And, for the record, when my father-in-law eventually gets her into the bathroom, it sounds like Niagara Falls.

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