Monday, February 25, 2008

Trapped By Stupidity

By my own stupidity.

I drag the kids out of bed, nag breakfast into their stomachs, harass them into clothes and shoes, and finally its time to go.
Coats - check!
Backpacks - check!
Precious Daughter's lunch - check!
Mommy's coffee - check!
Car keys - ch--
Car keys?
Hello? Car keys?
Key basket - nope
flat surface surrounding key basket? - nope
Mommy's purse - nope!!
Jacket pocket - wrong set!
Kitchen table - Aw, come on!
Dump my purse on the floor - #*&%!!

For a moment, I'm in a tizzy, searching stupid places that make no sense, like yesterday's jeans, the table next to the door, around my computer, and I'm coming up with zip. Finally, I call the Oracle at work, remembering (with a sinking feeling) that the jacket I wore yesterday is in the back of the car he drove today. Much to my dismay, my keys are in that jacket's pocket.

I have a car and no keys, and The Oracle won't be home until after 10:00 p.m. Shazbot!

I briefly considered walking the kids to school. It isn't that far, maybe 20 minutes, but Precious Daugther started to cry at that notion and I felt like Momzilla. I also realized that I'd have to go back and get Mighty B at 11:30.

They're both gonna cry over frozen leftovers for dinner.

Edited at 11:20 to add: I just endured an all-irritating round of protest and whining because I made Precious Daughter eat the lunch I packed for her this morning. Now she wants to walk to the convenience store, the train station (to go downtown and get my keys from The Oracle), or the Burger King for anything other than PB&J. I told her all of those destinations are greater distances than the school, so she can stay the heck home. If walking to school was too difficult, I'm not going to put up with the whining over greater distances, especially when we have to walk home afterwards.

To put it bluntly, NFW.

Of course, I can't say that to my kids.

Edited again to add:

Shortly after lunch I turned off the TV. Why? Because Mighty B was blocking Precious Daughter's view, so she demanded he move. He yanked her hair and she scratched his neck. What is wrong with these kids today?

I have truckloads of work, but I hate that stupid TV. I hate the way they'll sit and stare at anything that comes across the screen regardless of whether it's age appropriate or informative. They'll stare at High School Musical, Teletubbies or Presidential debates with equal devotion, simply because they're watching people doing stuff instead of doing it themselves.

I hate that TV.

It's sunny out and not that cold. Why on earth won't my kids go out and play? Any other time they're clamoring for the door. Instead, they're picking at one another while doing their best to remain slugs for the day. The whining is incessant. (And I'm clearly the worst offender at the moment.)

God help me. I want to turn on the TV.

Hey, maybe I'll go outside!

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