Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Almost Over!!!

Time to get your vote on!

Everyone close to me knows I'm sick to death of election coverage. Sick of debates, sick of analyses ad nauesam, sick of the recorded automated phone calls and TV commercials. "I done had it."

Once the worst of the morning rush is through, I'll be wandering over to the polls to cast my vote. This is clearly one of the advantages to self employment. I don't have to stand in a crowd of a bazillion other people waiting to cast a vote before going to work at 9:00, and I won't be stuck in the after-work/after-dinner rush.

Yes, I care who wins, but I'm not getting political here. Even if it isn't my candidate, I hope the winner takes the election by a whopper of a margin so we don't spend the winter fuddling around with recounts and hanging chads. Please, God, no more of that.


Anonymous said...

AMEN !!!


--V said...

Oh, yes please. No more arguments over ballots, accusations of stealth, or of disenfranchising people you think aren't gonna vote your way. I'm looking forward to the quiet.

And I'm most decidedly n-o-t turning on the TV tonight. It's gonna be iTunes radio and knitting (or maybe embroidery). I'll wait until I wake up tomorrow to know who won.

Anonymous said...

I agree with v. I was going to just leave the TV off and be surprised tomorrow but the kids have been very interested in the candidates and the process and want to watch the results as they happen. I told them we will not be turning on the TV until the first polls start to close tonight then they can watch until bedtime. Then I'm going to turn it back off (well I'm going to try and turn it back off) E

Cort said...

Here here! I'm a registered Democrat, and they've been calling nonstop for about three weeks. I finally said to my husband the other night, "If Michelle Obama calls me one more time, I'm voting for McCain." It's insane.

We plan on hanging out at my sister's tonight and watching the coverage. I'm pretty excited! Also, I totally agree with you about the benefit of working at home. I'm really glad I haven't started at the courthouse yet, because I can go anytime an cast my ballot, without waiting in line. Yay!

--V said...

Well, so much for not watching election coverage. I turned on the TV when I got home and surfed a bit. When I got to BBC America I stopped for "just a second..." Fast forward to four hours later: I'm curled up on the couch, still watching BBC America. They did a good job. Had an interesting, varied, ever-changed panel. John Bolton made me want to throw stuff at my TV whenever he spoke (his tone! Agressive, patronizing, quick to offend, know-it-all...this was our UN embassador?!?!? Yikes.), but other than that it was fun to watch. I conked out on the sofa at 11, shortly after Obama clicked past the 300 mark.

Glad it's over. Now we can go back to talking about other stuff.