Monday, April 13, 2009

WHY Do They Do This?

Why do doctors overbook themselves? Mighty B. had an appontment with the ENT because the tubes we had put in his ears when he was four are still there. It's been a year and a half. Our pediatrician says there's a risk of damage if they're left in too long.

Our appointment was scheduled for noon. The kids are off today for Easter break, so Precious Daughter as well as Kryptonite went along for the ride. We were running a little late, which curbed my temptation to stop at the drive-thru for some lunch on the way. When you're late for a doc appointment, I swear they punish you by making you wait.

We arrive, and the waiting room is jammed. No kidding. One chair out of two dozen remains, and I take it, putting Kryptonite's car seat at my feet. The kids parked themselves in the kiddie corner and began playing with the loathesome germ-laden toys.

We weren't taken back to an examining room for nearly two hours. By the time the doc entered the room, Precious Daughter was nearly crying from hunger and Mighty B. was afflicting all present with his typical hunger-induced obnoxious behavior. Kryptonite, also famished, just buried her face in my shirt and went to sleep. She refused to drink her milk cold, and I couldn't warm it up until I was in the examining room.

The doc isn't in the room with us ten minutes when she announces that one of Mighty B.'s tubes is in the ear canal and jammed in wax (ew). She could pull it out, but it would be painful. Since the othe tube is still intact in the ear drum, it must be removed surgically, so she'll clear out the first ear at the same time.



Cort said...

OMG, there's nothing -- NOTHING -- worse than waiting for an appointment when you're hungry. I can only imagine it's 100 times worse when your kids are hungry. Ug! So sorry you had to go throug that. Also sorry Mighty B has to have surgery. Poor little guy!

Anonymous said...

Because they can!!!