Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tap 'n Hip Hop

Last weekend was Precious Daugther's dance recital. I suspect that recital time is almost the highlight of her year with Christmas as the only rival. Or maybe Hallowe'en. The girl loves dressing up and looking fancy.

In this photo, taken at the dress rehearsal, Precious Daughter is third from the left. Flash photography wasn't permitted, so I was trying to work without a flash. Her music for this routine was "Please Mr. Postman."

In this picture, she is second from left. This costume was a hip-hop routine to "Come on and Ride It." When Precious daughter took her first hip-hop class last September, she was all gangly arms and legs. I'm sorry to confess that I wasn't sure how well she'd do.

I am tickled to report...

...that she kicked butt in both dances.

Her no-talent mama had little to do with the curls, by the way. We bought 'em at a wig store at the direction of the dance studio. It's just a big pouf of synthetic curls stretched over her own hair (in a bun) and pinned at every possible angle.

After Sunday's performance (when the two prior photos were taken) she didn't want to take off the hip-hop costume. She wore it the rest of the day. I think she would have worn it to bed if the elastic hadn't started pinching by then. She's been wearing the wrist bands every other day.

For some reason, this made its way into the recital folder. I can't resist a fat baby eating her fingers, can you?

Here. Have seconds!


Wife in Training said...

Fat babys eating fingers is definitely is a sell out

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The dance pics are awesome!! I love the curls!!


Coffee Bean said...

Oh my Lord. I wanna squeeze that baby!

I was a dance girl... had all the costumes... was in all the recitals. Ballet, Tap and Jazz. My girls were not interested. As teens I did get them to take Irish Dance. I even took it with them but quickly dropped out when I realized someone with double D's could quite possibly kill themselves. Well, that and I didn't buy myself the shoes (thank the Good Lord above!) and stepped on one of my socks and made myself fall. It registered on the richter scale. For real.