Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Sixth Photo in My Sixth Folder

So I got the idea from Coffee Bean. Hers is way funnier than mine.

My folders are arranged by date created rather than by name. This photo was taken in June of 2005 during a neighborhood child's birthday party. The birthday had a bug theme, which should explain the very funny headgear my children are wearing.

At the ripe age of Almost four, that Dora the Explorer dress was one of Precious Daughter's favorites. It was the first thing out of the drawer or the basket whenever I did laundry.

Mighty B. was at least three months away from his first haircut. His shirt was one of my favorites, too. He's wearing it in a lot of pictures during that summer.

This puny post took over an hour and a half to complete.

Why? Because the moment I peeked into this folder from 2005, I had to peek in all the others. I didn't realize how much my kids changed in such a short time. I mean, I knew they changed, of course, but so many little things pop out of the memory banks when you look at pictures. I forgot how much fun their baby-ish selves were. They're still a lot of fun, of course. I wouldn't trade their current selves for their baby days.

Seeing these old pics reminds me of how quickly time is zooming by. My mom always said that my sisters' and my young years (baby to school age) were the best of her life. I have to agree. I love watching their bodies, minds, and personalities grow and change.

When they hit puberty, I'll probably change my mind on that.


Anonymous said...

My 6/6 pic was a kid picture too. All three of them sitting on a diving board. I can't believe how little they were. DS8 was just a pup. E

Elliemae said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sending me your sage advice. I'm sure PW was just trying to be humorous but I didn't really appreciate her answer. As I read thru the comments there were quite a few readers who stuck up for me and said she was a bit harsh. So I appreciate your REAL advice. I know it's going to be painful, I guess I was looking for advice like you said,"If your tired, say so!" I didn't realize I could tell them I was tired..I thought it was all or bits of advice like that are helpful, not needles in the eyeball. I thought after having four kids she might have some real advice other than "it's terrible and will hurt." Oh well. I am grateful for your advice, thanks so much! It shouldn't be long now until she arrives!