Friday, July 10, 2009

Four Years Ago

I wanted to post these yesterday, but I forgot. They were taken on 7/9/05, and I thought it would have been fun. But, I forgot a lot of things yesterday, like sunscreen when we went to the pool and Precious Daughter's summer stock practice.

Kryptonite is teething. Her two bottom incisors cut through a couple days ago, but they're still giving her a lot of grief. Either that or she's following in Mighty B.'s footsteps. Mighty B. was like a shark with all of his teeth coming in at once, and it was a hellish time for him with all those teeth coming in without a break in between.

Anyway, Kryptonite didn't sleep well for two nights. She was uncomfortable and crabby and only slept while I held her. It was rough.

Back to the pictures. My chicks were approaching their fourth and second birthdays.

I found this workbench on eBay. It was one of my earlier and most favorite purchases, and well worth the drive to go pick it up. We still have the bench, but the kids have lost and/or destroyed most of the tools. It'll need new tools and a good powerwashing when Kryptonite is old enough for it. They played with it more than the kitchen set which, sadly, was curbed for trash collection a couple years ago.
In this next one, Precious Daughter chose the train table for a catnap. (Wow... look at my blinds! They were still smooth and unchewed from the Knucklehead's anxiety attack or something when we were out.)

I'm glad we still have the train table. It's probably my all-time favorite of their toys. That white blanket on her head has quite a history. I'll have to write about it sometime.
Ah, well. I guess it's time to return to the reality of glazed eyes staring at the TV and complaints of nothing to do on a gorgeous, sunny day.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Train tables are the best. We had one and the boys loved it!!


Anonymous said...

Okay I don't want to complain but I depend on your Site seeing to check my favorites... Since PW updated her feed (whatever that means) I can't get to her site through yours. Yea, I know my lazy butt could just type it in but I always come to your's first then check your list. So could you help an old friend out and update that for me. Thanks, your lazy blog reading friend E

PS. I love pictures of kids sleeping in odd places.

Just Me said...

Sorry, E. I don't know what I'm supposed to change. I can click my link and go there without a problem.

My issue is that I can't see YouTube links embedded in people's blogs any more, including my own. I don't know why and I don't know how to fix it, and I haven't had the heart to nag The Oracle about it.