Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hooray for Me! (Now You Should Do the Same!)

Why, you ask? Because I finally came to my senses and took the time to back up all of my work files. It has been months -- months!! -- since I've backed up transcripts, billing spreadsheets, and the like. The need to do so has been niggling at my mind and interrupting my sleep for weeks, but I never "got around to it." I've been perched on the edge of my seat waiting for the catastrophic, Murphy's-Law crash of my three-year-old laptop that, thankfully, never came.

If it's important to you, folks, back it up.

Today's homework assignment is to back up your data and then write fifty times: "I will regularly back up my data."

I know that "regularly" is a relative term. If your career and/or finances revolve around your computer files, they should be backed up daily or every other day.


KellyJean said...

Oy! I guess I should...

--V said...

Ha! My tales of woe got to you, huh?

Word verification fun: edzmpyi -- sounds like some sort of Chinese delicacy, no?