Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Update on DEB

Physically my mother-in-law is doing quite well. She's getting up and down with little or no help, she's making it to the bathroom, and her blood sugar and blood pressure are nicely controlled.

The books are still all over the floor, but sometimes she has these glimmers of perfect lucidity. We went to dinner last weekend, and she asked me a perfectly accurate question about the weather or some such thing, and our conversation was blissfully normal, right down to her wry digs against my father-in-law. Twenty seconds later she wrecked my illusion of normalcy with a magic mushroom description of a trip to NYC. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

Earlier this week, she spotted a television commercial for that new and popular Alzheimers medication, Aricept. She called her husband into the room and asked if she should be taking it. It must be so strange at times to be alert enough to realize you're not right inside your head.

Interestingly enough, the answer regarding Aricept, for now, is no. Their family physician gave her a physical on the 11th, and he asked her a number of questions. Her answers were accurate and up-to-date, so he wasn't confident with prescribing Aricept. She's scheduled for an evaluation (neurological?) in February. It is then they'll decide whether to start the medication.

This evening I DEB-sat so my father-in-law could enjoy a little down time with some friends. I must confess that my selfish heart really wasn't in the mood for it tonight, but I know he really needs the break or he'll have a stroke of his own. It will be so much easier when they're moved in here and we can do these things without all the shuttling back and forth.

Tonight DEB was a bit fatigued and her mental grip on things wasn't a good one. Much of DEB's efforts were:

Telling V to put shoes on (she's a barefoot princess just like me. I hate wearing shoes.)
Telling B to put pants and shoes on (B's preferred attire is a shirt and his underwear. He almost never wears pants, socks, or shoes at home.
Telling both kids they had to go to bed for school tomorrow until I reminded her for the skeenteenth time that it's Saturday.
Asking where my father-in-law was.

My daughter has no patience for Grandma's oddball questions, and it is sometimes difficult to keep her attitude in check. B doesn't care. He's just happy to have DEB around.

So am I.


Rising Rainbow said...

This would be hard. I feel for you and her too.

KellyJean said...

My grandma has dementia. It is so difficult because sometimes she is completely lucid and others...