Monday, May 5, 2008


Last week, The Oracle was sent by his employer to Washington D.C. Our kids happened to be off from school on Thursday and Friday, so on Wednesday afternoon we followed him there and squatted in his company-funded hotel room (thanks, Boss!) for two nights.

On Thursday, we visited the Smithsonian Institute's Natural History Museum and visited their special exhibit, Butterflies + Plants: Partners in Evolution. The special treat of the exhibit (in my view) was the "butterfly pavillion," a mini tropical butterfly paradise chock full of dozens of butterfly varieties. It wasn't at all like a trip to the zoo where you may or may not see that critter hiding in the bushes. There were butterflies easily spotted on flowers, plants, fluttering about our heads, and landing on peoples' clothes. You had to watch your footing, too. It was the first time our kids willingly stood still all day.

If you find yourself out that way, it's well worth a visit. Admissions to the main museum and the exhbit are free, and there's a small admission charge (non member: $6 adults, $5 kids 2 to 12) to the butterfly pavillion. The website doesn't specify a closing date, but my guess is that it will run through June, because the next special exhibit starts in July.

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