Friday, May 16, 2008

"Sibling" Rivalry?

We brought home the Pacifica almost a month and a half ago, and I'm now sitting through my second visit to the mechanic with the Explorer. Right before we went to West Virginia, I needed a repair from a nail in the tire, and now the "service engine soon" light is on. The first words out of the mechanic's mouth is that it'll cost $91 just for the computer diagnostic test.

$91 for a diagnostic test? Is this an auto mechanic or a medical lab?

I have to assume that the Explorer is jealous over the attention given to the Pacifica, because Explorer's wonderfully reliable attitude has been replaced with this negative attention-getting behavior. Next thing you know it'll be leaking fluids in the driveway or slugging Pacifica with its doors when I'm not looking.

Updated information: The computer diagnosis is something called an "evaporator purge leak," if I caught that term correctly. The mechanic says the only way to determine the cause and correct the problem is to "drop" the gas tank. Ummm... what about that extended warranty we bought on the powertrain? The guy says that the repair may or may not be covered depending on the cause. Crap.

One of their employees drives me to the train station so I can grab the Pacifica away from The Oracle and get Mighty B from school. I am sweating bullets, wondering what this repair could cost.

The guy called me back and told me that the problem is a bad hose, that the repair will be covered (Thank you, God!!!!), BUT they won't have the part until Monday. The warranty will cover a basic rental which I'll have to upgrade to accomodate my legs and my psyche. Never mind The Oracle's legs. I don't like puny cars.

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