Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby C Arrives!

More pics to come.
The Oracle was kind enough to bring the computer to visit me in the hospital. The kids are restless, and they have school tomorrow.


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WHAT?!?! No stats?!?!?

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Stacy Says:She's too wonderful! I say if she can move her head well, let her sleep on her belly. Willow never liked sleeping on her back at all. The only way I could get her to sleep on her back was if she was in the carrier. I finally just gave up and let her sleep on her belly. The % rate between back and belly sleeping is not that big, so, on her belly she went. I even argued with the doctor. He just told me to make sure she didn't have a blanket or other things to cover her face, and that was the end of that. YOU do know best when it comes your YOUR kids. Don't let anyone rob you of that. xoxo
The other ones! HOW HUGE ARE THEY?!! Holy cow! Bricks on their heads babes! Bricks! No grow up anymore!