Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maybe Mae or May Not (Huh?)

I should've seen it coming.

Precious daughter is in desperate need of a haircut. Once again, I've dropped the ball, and the poor kid's bangs are so long they're tickling her eyelashes. Why not trim them myself? Sure, I've trimmed my own bangs in desperation, but I'm also blessed with a decent wave to my hair that hides the sins of wayward scissors. Precious Daugher, however, has straight, silky hair. Straight hair hides nothing. One crooked mis-cut, and the kid's bangs are crooked until I get her to a professional.

I called the shop this morning to schedule an appointment with Mae. Mae is my favorite hairdresser in the entire world. She only works Thursday through Saturday, but her pages in the schedule book fill up quickly, and I wanted to get in while I had the chance. If I waited until Mae was on duty, I'd be too late, and I can't wait another week because I don't have another week before Baby #3 arrives.

The sweet Asian lady who often washes my hair answers the phone. Her comprehension of English is a little rough around the edges, but we get the appointment set up with Mae for 3:30 on Thursday, which is darn-near perfect, and I am a happy customer.

Not only does Precious Daughter need her hair trimmed, but her First Holy Communion is rapidly approaching. As I've stated above, I know full well that I'm awful with hair, especially the straight, silky stuff on Precious Daughter's head, and I also know that any Communion veil the kid picks will leave me sorely challenged when it comes to getting it on straight and making it stay in place. It's a no-brainer that I set her up for a hair appointment before the mass.

Sweet Asian Lady is ready to hang up, and I tell her:

Wait, I need another appointment for May 9th.

Yes, you're coming Thursday at 3:30 for Mae. (Why didn't I see this coming?)

Yes, but I need an appointment in the month of May as well.

I have appointment for (Precious Daughter) with Mae on Thursday.

That's correct. I also need an appointment for her in the month of May. March, April, May. On May 9th, my daughter has her First Holy Communion. It's a Saturday, and I know that Saturdays are busy with weddings and such. I think I need to set it up now.

Oh, oh. May?

Yes, May.

At this point, the owner comes to our rescue and takes over the call.

I should've just waited until I was there on Thursday, but logical thought is a struggle these days.

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--V said...

Gettin' down to the wire now, huh? Good luck to you and hello to the wee new little girl, when she arrives. :)