Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sorry I Took so Long

But I've had my hands full, as I'm sure you can guess.

C is a really good baby. Mighty B. and Precious Daughter spend a fair amount of time fighting over her. They kiss and touch her almost constantly and squabble over whose turn it is to hold her.

Yesterday's battle surrounded who steered the stroller through the undersized and overcrowded Trader Joe's while we did our food shopping. Precious Daughter's nose was seriously out of joint because we let Mighty B. Drive, but allowing him that privilege was pure genius on The Oracle's part. It's probably the first shopping trip in two years that didn't leave me hoarse and exhausted from screeching at B. to get back here, get off the floor, or put that back on the shelf.

That's okay, though. Due to unforseen circumstances, Precious Daughter got to do this (just ignore the crayon permanently ground into my living room wall):

Without getting into the gory details, cracked nipples are pure hell on earth. But, hey, my pain is Precious Daughter's gain.

C is very chatty. She grunts and peeps all the time. I don't remember the first two making so much noise this early in the game. Then again, my lousy memory is well documented by now, so who knows?

C also shits constantly. Yup. C and B have/had the nasty habit of eating something for the mere purpose of forcing something out the other end. C grunts and yells and turns crimson as she's muscling her bowels into noisy compliance. Who knew one little behind could produce such output? What makes this extra funny/annoying is that she hates diaper changes. It makes her angry as hell. I've come to the conclusion that she likes lounging around in poopy pants, something I will not permit, so she and I are already enjoying a conflicted relationship.

C does not like sleeping on her back. Unfortunately for her, all this "back to sleep" SIDS prevention stuff has me nearly converted, so C is sleeping on her back until she's able to roll over. She is not happy about it. A short five (and seven) years ago. the hospital wheeled my little bundles in and out of the room all swaddled and propped on their sides with receiving blankets, and my babies were quite content. I even had a side sleeper cushion that I used at home for them. I wish I had it now because it worked well and I'd still trust it enough for C. Unfortunately, I can only find part of it. Grrrr!

She likes sleeping on her belly, especially when The Oracle's holding her. This photo is fuzzy because I snapped it with my cell phone.

One of C's many new nicknames is "Kryptonite." Within moments of cuddling C, the adult cuddler is sapped of any and all ambition and is rapidly drifting off to sleep. What you don't see in the above photo is The Oracle's countenance in its slumbering glory.

But, really, how could you not cuddle this?


--V said...

And again, there is cooing in my cubicle. How absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Stacy says:
*grabs kryptonite and snuggles*

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

awesome pics!

I started fake tanning tonight for 7 minutes. Just too damn afraid of the spray orange stuff!


Coffee Bean said...

Awwwwwww... she's precious! They all are!

Wet a couple plain black tea bags and squeeze out the water... but not completely. They need to be very wet but not dripping. Put one over each nipple and use a breast pad to protect your bra. Leave them on for an hour at a time and do it several times a day. Works like a charm! Be sure to rinse them before feeding though!

I'm praying for you!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Who are you kidding??? Tails in the locker room make you popular!!

Hallie :)