Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tick Tock

Wow, time flies so quickly! It's hard to believe that C is already one month old even if it was a shorty month thanks to February. (Note: the pictures are dark because C doesn't like the flash.)

She has changed so much in such little time. She's plumping up nicely, with the beginnings of little rolls of baby fat on her thighs and knees. Call me weird, but I can't wait for the warmer weather so her knees are uncovered and perpetually available for squeezes and kisses.
C is more alert with her surroundings. I love this time when they're furrowing their fuzzy eyebrows and trying to focus on things. She flails her arms and kicks her feet to see what she can do with them. She still hasn't turned her clock around, but she's getting better. I actually got some decent sleep during the last week. She's still peeping and grunting up a storm, too.
I get little done because I can't put C down. When I do, I do so reluctantly. Poor C. She's cuddled within an inch of her life, not only because she's a malleable, maulable infant but also because I'm reliving the babyhood of Precious Daughter and Mighty B. I remember how short these days are, and I'm relishing every minute. It's a wonder that I haven't sniffed the hair right off her fuzzy head. That delicious fuzzy-head smell doesn't last long.

Yes, I maul my children. I maul them so much that the kisses showered upon their heads are as much a part of life as getting dressed in the morning. They barely flinch. When I was visiting the kids' school several weeks ago, Precious Daughter's class happened to be filing by in the hallway. She didn't see me pacing her in line, and when I put my arm around her and kissed the top of her head she was only mildly surprised.

My kids drew/colored these for their baby sister. I have them hanging on the wall by the changing table.

Kissing and hugging my kids is better than dessert.


--V said...

They're getting used to my cooing at work now.

Ohmygoodness she is so cute!

Cort said...

She's just beautiful! I'm glad things are going so well. When are you going back to reporting (if ever)?

Alice said...

OH my goodness. She's just gorgeous. You're making me very anxious for my little one to get here!! (Although he doesn't appear until July).

Anonymous said...

Stacy says: OMG..I really miss that baby smell! And chunky thighs! And eating toes! Babies are so delicious! I don't think I ever put Willow down if I didn't have too. She grew so big too fast. :( I love her now, all the kooky things they get up too, but wow, you have me having baby pangs...not that I will follow them...Heaven forbid, but I'll eventually have to come borrow yours. :)