Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby-Sitter Update

I emailed the sitter because -- annoyed or not -- I was still concerned about her. It turns out she's 32 weeks pregnant, due at the end of March. She sure didn't look "that" pregnant the last time I saw her. Anyway, she's fine. They got the contractions to stop and ordered her to rest, which even she admitted was next to impossible. In addition to the two or three kids she baby-sits, she has five in her own house ranging in ages from four to young teen. Rest when?

I mentioned before that my FIL is always willing to watch the older kids, but he isn't comfortable with infants. He agreed to watch Her Nibs as long as she was fed and changed when he arrived, and she was. My FIL arrived at 3:00 just moments after my kids got off the school bus, and I headed out the door. When I initially asked him to watch the kids, I told him I'd planned to have dinner in a crockpot before I left.

Things being what the are in my house, I got wrapped up with chasing dog hair instead. See, Her Nibs is crawling all over the house, and, being a typical baby, puts everything in her mouth. I started the dog-hair chase so she could crawl about freely without choking to death. Next thing I know it's 2:45 and I have to get dressed and get my stuff together to go.

I wasn't all that concerned about dinner anyway. I had a pack of chicken in the fridge, tomato sauce in the freezer, and pasta. Ta-da! I could whip dinner together in twenty minutes when I got home.

The problem was my deposition didn't finish until 7:20 p.m. My in-laws and kids feasted on Arby's for dinner. He got the kids' homework done, fed Her Nibs, and even got stuck with a diaper change.

I really feel bad about that. After she finishes her homework, Precious Daugther is getting a hands-on lesson in diaper changing.

And my FIL is getting a big pan of Florentine for his labors.

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