Thursday, February 18, 2010


My goodness! Where has the last year gone?

I must've blinked. In that short little span of time, Her Nibs has gained 19 pounds, 1 ounce, grown ten inches, and sprouted nine teeth. She babbles and crawls and is just starting to walk.
Wow, that was quick!

Happy Birthday, baby!


Rusty's Mom said...

What a great group of photos.. The one with all three kids at her Christening is especially nice. E

Cort said...

OMG, that did go fast!!! She's so stinking cute. I think Her Nibs and My Ellie have a marked resemblance. It must be The Cheeks. I love The Cheeks. I could kiss The Cheeks all. day. long.

Happy Birthday, Nibs! I hope you get to play in a really expensive and/or intricate cake!

Our Piece of Country Paradise said...

What a precious baby girl BTW. Her and I look ver similar in a bikini. Only difference is she is adorable like that I would surely scare everyone at the beach for fear of a beached :)

Your comment about the kinetic cleaning HAHAHA! I do the exact same thing! From couch to bed for company or need of seating, bed to couch for a place to sleep. I think I may have found a kindred spirit :)

Anonymous said...
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