Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Two days shy of her first birthday, this is Her Nibs' first word.

She, the Oracle, and I were sitting together when Chessie hopped up for a visit. Her Nibs loves to touch Chessie's bunny-soft fur, squashing her hands into it with as much muscle as she can muster, thinking that the softness will never end. Chessie, to her credit (or stupidity?) does nothing more than let her eyes bug out of her skull from the pressure.

I hold Her Nibs' wrist, stroking it along Chessie's back while telling her to be gentle with the cat because she's old, and she replies, "Gah!" with such emphasis that we know it's "cat" she means. For the fun of it I use "kitty" instead, and her response sounds something like, "Giheee!"

I'm very excited!


Rusty's Mom said...

First birthday! First Words! She is growing up so fast.

--V said...

Yay! Words!

What was your first word? Mine was "Daddy," and so was my sisters. 'Cause Mom wanted Daddy to feel more involved in the who parenting thing, being at work all day and missing most of it. Also? If that's the only word we know, guess who we call for in the middle of the night?