Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That '80s Music

KellyJean had a fun entry on her blog yesterday and asked her loyal readers to do something similar. Well, heck, rather than work like I should, I'd much rather do this.

My favorite song from the '80s? Lordy, I have hundreds. There were so many fun and different groups at the time. Culture Club, Huey Lewis and the News, Fleetwood Mac, Yes, The Who, my tastes really ran the spectrum of what was available.

These days, however, I find that when I hear Hall & Oates on the radio, I exclaim, "wow!" and I start singing along.

Hey, does anyone else remember that hour-long radio program,"For Headphones Only"?

For some reason, I can't get YouTube to post here today (clearly I'm messing it up), so here's my favorite '80s song for today.

Say it Isn't So

This song always makes me think of my senior year in high school. What I find even funnier is that at the height of their popularity, Hall & Oates were in their late 30's. How awesome for them.

As you're poking around on YouTube, take a look at "Method of Modern Love," also by Hall & Oates. This one really cracks me up over his dancing, big hair, and the like. We'll just forget the fact that I tried to dance that way myself, also wore big hair, (although my friend M wins the prize for that), popped my collars, and wore noisy color combinations.

My very first job out of high school was working as a file clerk for a cemetery (hmmm... this could be a post all its own). I'd have stacks and stacks of file folders, letters, and 3x5 cards of different varieties to stuff into drawers, and I'd throw myself into my work with the radio playing along, dancing from drawer to drawer during my task. What a great way to pass part of my eight-hour day. It sure beat sitting at my desk and answering the phone.

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Karen Deborah said...

I loved Hall and Oats! They were great I could hear the song in my head just reading the title. I like your taste in music. Some of the stuff on You Tube won't "embed" over. I havne't been able to try a peanut butter and bacon sandwich yet, but I'm thinking it over.