Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Kids Drive You Crazy

For several weeks now, the big excitement around here was the father-daughter dance at my kids' school. My daughter couldn't wait for me to buy tickets when the flier arrived, couldn't wait for the tickets to come home in her backpack, was thrilled at the dress and stockings we chose, and I ran around like a fool trying (unsuccessfully) to find a pair of red shoes to go with it.

Tonight is the big night, and she decides she doesn't want to go. Why, I ask? She responds with a bunch of lame-o excuses that The Oracle and I know aren't the whole truth:
  • Kaitlin is going and she doesn't like Precious Daughter. I said, So? you don't have to have anything to do with her if you don't want.
  • She's afraid she won't like the food. I said, Okay, you can eat at home first.
  • She doesn't like large crowds. Since when, I ask, and I list several isntances where she had no problem.

Finally, I announce that I'm running to the supermarket, and she's practically scrambling into her shoes to come with me. What's this? I was going to make her stay home until I realized that I had an opportunity to talk with her.

So I start talking with her in the car, and it finally comes out in the wash.

She doesn't want to go to the party without me. Huh? We were very clear on this at the get-go. Daddy and daughter, and that's it, and she was fine with it. Now, she decides at the 11th hour it's not okay. Really, my tush is rather burned about this, and I am utterly tempted to make her go anyway. The Oracle talks me back into my senses. Okay. She can stay home.

But the next ticket that costs me twenty-five bucks is getting used. I don't care if she's got the Martian Death Flu.


--V said...

My Mom would have played the "hurting Daddy's feelings" card, which I'm sure would have worked in my case. My Dad's so quiet, you can never tell what he's thinking or feeling.

Just Me said...

I was tempted to play the "hurt feelings" card, but I know better. She's such a worrier already, and I didn't want to add to that. She already has serious problems speaking up for herself because she's afraid she'll hurt the offender's feelings. Ugh.

--V said...

Well, that's a nice change from what I see all around me over here. I was discussing the "iGeneration," as I've been calling them, with a colleague of mine, and we've come to the conclusion that these twenty-somethings have never developed a superego. Sometimes it feels like every single one of 'em is wrapped up in their own little world. It's not a matter of being inconsiderate, either. It's more like they're bleeding oblivious.

Sorry. Have a headache. Brought on partly (I believe) by witnessing an exchange today between an iGen youth and a library assistant regarding Noise in the Library. Young lady couldn't wrap her head around the concept of taking your cell phone conversations out into the lobby. She actually argued with the attendant that after she was told about it, she spoke quieter.

"No," said the assistant. "When I asked you to stop or go outside, I really meant stop or go outside."