Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guilty Little Secrets

I started this silly little blog back in December at the height of my holiday stress, and I've enjoyed posting a few bits of my life here and there. Sometimes I post to give a laugh or two, and sometimes I just need to ramble something out of my system and you are my hapless victims. Please do not feel obligated to stick around on my rambling days. "Uh-oh, she's rambling. Maybe I can find that thing I wanted on eBay."

The one thing I haven't done with this blog is tell The Oracle about it. Why, you ask? Why do I feel the need to hide this little thing from his scrutiny? Truth be told, I'm afraid he'll think I'm a nitwit. While that little tidbit is no revelation (I am a nitwit!), hearing it uttered from his lips would wreck my day.

So, anyway, tonight he asks out of the blue, "What's pbandbacon?" I tell him it's just a website, one of the many links in the chain of blogs I hop. Now I'm not only a nitwit, I'm a prevaricating nitwit. I fool myself into thinking that there's an element of truth to my answer, but the whole truth would've been better and a lot more respectable. Why couldn't I just come out and say, "That's my blog?"

I'm sorry, Oracle. I'll find a way to make it up to you.


--V said...

Don't worry about it. My family knows I blog but only my sister knows where to find it. I have a couple of friends who read it (you're one of them), but most of them I haven't even told about it.

I tell myself it's so that I can express myself without getting backlash from people who know me. I think it might also be that I'm a little shy--blogging is kind of like a diary, isn't it? Only you're leaving your diary out for The Public to see, and (unless you're extremely brave, like Maggie Mason at Mighty Girl or Matthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti) you don't tell anyone who you are.

Make sense?

Anyway, I feel ya. I wouldn't tell my hubby about my blog either, if I were married. At least, not right away.

Just Me said...

Mmm-hmm... Something like that.

There's a saying somewhere -- naturally, I can't find it -- about each man having his own private garden. I've found biblical essays involving similar phraseology, but the quote I recall had nothing to do with suffering. It was more along the lines of Billy Joel's "The Stranger."

Anonymous said...

prevaricating yes, nitwit no...
If you're the nitwit how come I had to look up prevaricating :-)
If I had the guts to have a blog I'd keep it close to my heart too. For the same reason you do. e

Anonymous said...

Stacy says:
I know you'll tell eventually. But where else can you bitch openly about your man/children/family/friends, without hurting feelings? I don't blog usually. It takes a lot of energy to keep something rolling. But when I do, I want someone to read it. Just to share. Feel connected.
love ya