Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day at the Beach

We spent a day at the beach last Tuesday, something we haven't done all summer long. To say that Precious Daughter was in her element is an understatement. This child adores the ocean.

They didn't care how big the waves were. The bigger the better. We found all sorts of neat bits of shells and pebbles and now the kids have jars of beach on their dressers. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they're scattered all over the house, but they look really nice at the moment.

Mighty B. looks like he just washed up after a shipwreck. Either that or he's sacrificing himself to a hungry sea monster.

I didn't expect this one to turn out so well. She was running so fast I thought I missed her completely by the time I hit the shutter. And -- oh, yeah -- I bought that Lands' End suit on Monday for a whopping $14. I love clearance racks!!!

This one clearly is my favorite. I need to actually print this one and hang it up somewhere.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Awesome pics!! They look so footloose and fancy free!

Your prayer for John's innards ROCKS!!!


--V said...

Great shots. I really like the one of Precious Daughter running.

Coffee Bean said...

Yessssss!!! I am caught up on your blog! Woo HOOOO!

Yes, you need to print that picture and put it up. It is beautiful.