Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Else?

As I've griped before, I've been trying to climb out from under a backlog of work. No sooner do I get to where I feel like I can breathe, and I had two very long and difficult jobs today. Naturally, the more difficult of the two is required in two days, so I'm buring the midnight oil on this job and shoving everything else to the back burner.

I was really looking forward to a day with E tomorrow, and I felt that I might be able to pull it off if I make some really good progress on that expedited transcript.

The Oracle shattered that notion with the report of a bolt stuck in a truck tire, so now we're dropping it off for service tomorrow morning. It's due for tires anyway.

I guess all this transcript money will come in handy to pay for that, huh?

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--V said...

Did you say that you took out the back-up sensor while backing up? Shouldn't that thing have told you there was something behind you?