Friday, August 22, 2008

My Car Might Be Cursed

Late on Wednesday night, I fell asleep on the couch instead of dragging my sorry butt to the supermarket to buy the much-needed milk for breakfast and bread for The Oracle's lunch. I awoke around 1:00-ish.

Drat. The supermarket closed at midnight, which means I get to pay double for bread and milk at the convenience store.

Once I get my blood moving, I shuffle out to the Pacifica and get in. When I shut the door, I hear stuff pattering around in the back. Yikes! I look in the rearview and see nothing. I turn around and see black stuff all over the carpeting in the back. Whuzzat?

I walk around to the rear of the car, and I see that my rear windshield is shattered. It's mostly intact, but crackled to the four poles. F***. The pattering noise turned out to be the first pieces of glass popped out by the pressure of the closing car door.

I awaken The Oracle and learn that nothing unusual happened when he drove the car earlier in the evening. I call our local police department to file a report. The officer says it's most likely vandalism. We've lived here 16 years and the most heinous crimes visited upon us were soaped car windows on michief night our first year here, and the theft of nearly a dozen pumpkins when Precious Daughter was two. (And I was so angry over that I considered locking my doors on Halloween with nothing but a big note telling the kids to thank the pumpkin thieves for no candy.)

Well, anyway, I had to go for milk and bread, but I couldn't drive the Pacifica, and it was blocking in the Explorer. There I was, busting the glass out of the frame, sweeping my driveway in the dark, and jockeying cars around to go to the stupid store. When I got back, I taped plastic bags over the hole and crawled into bed at 3:00 a.m.

Much to my dismay, my deposition the following day ran for well over three hours, which I hadn't anticipated. I barely made it home in time to file the insurance claim, but they set me up with an early appointment this morning for their glass replacement service to come and replace my rear glass. That was very nice. I was driving my Pacifica by lunch time.

At least one good thing: Despite my belief to the contrary, my deductible was only $250.00. At least a year ago I distinctly remember a conversation with Nationwide on increasing that to $500 per vehicle to save a few bucks, but they never did it. (No wonder my premiums were so outrageous!) I didn't know about this when I was rear-ended in June because everything went directly through State Farm.

Oh. My point on the title? We've only had this car a few months, and I've already had two incidents requiring insurance claims. Well, it's technically three, but I haven't taken action on the dent I put in the bumper a couple weeks ago.

To quote SD's favorite I-Hop customer, "This is making me nervous."

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