Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Kids Took These

The Oracle and Mighty B. are huge railroading fans. We took a neat little day trip to a popular historic railroading attraction, and while waiting for the train ride to begin, the kids were hounding me for permission to play with the camera. Their efforts were quite good, don'tcha think? Mighty B. took this one of The Oracle and Precious Daughter.

Precious Daughter took this one of Mighty B. and me. I wouldn't post it at all because I think I photograph horribly, but I'm proud of Precious Daughter's efforts. (Otherwise I'd happily crop out my crooked teeth and gray hair and my too-thick pasty-white arm. My haircut usually looks much nicer than this, too. Ahh, vanity!!)

On a side note, Mighty B. was angry with me because I held his other monster hand down and out of the picture. I had to let Precious Daughter do a retake with both of us snarling at the camera. For obvious reasons, I am not sharing that photo.


Coffee Bean said...

Awwww... ain't y'all cute?!?! Honey, you should see my "thick" arm!

Anonymous said...

My arm's thicker than your arm..nananananana.....

What great pic's. Little man has taken some wonderful pic's too.

Maybe they turn out so well because kids are only looking at one thing at a time instead of trying to rush through all of it at once like adults.