Monday, July 14, 2008

One Crazy, Wasted Weekend

I have to keep this short, because I still have a truckload of work to do. I've been plowing my way through transcripts. The Oracle left on Wednesday night for work and wasn't returning until Saturday, because, even though he finished work Friday night, he was volunteering all day Saturday. Where he volunteers is midway between home and his work destination. It only made sense for him to stay overnight there instead of driving all the way home and going out there Saturday morning.

By Friday afternoon, I couldn't spend another minute on the computer. I really felt like I was going to crack. I packed a bag, took the Shedder to the kennel, and the kids and drove an hour to meet The Oracle in the town where he was volunteering.

Our plan was to stay overnight, follow The Oracle to his volunteer site on Saturday and enjoy that for a few hours before driving home Saturday afternoon to attend a friend's pool party.

We met The Oracle, and the kids were thrilled to see him (and he them, of course). We enjoyed a nice Italian dinner and returned to the hotel to put our feet up.

By 10:00 or so, the kids were still bouncing off the walls, jumping between the two beds, and just being generally loud and obnoxious. Despite our best efforts, they would not settle down, and I finally had to resort to threats and coercion just to make them stay in bed and be semi-quiet. Threats included skipping all fun with Daddy and going straight home Saturday morning, and no pool party.

And that's what we did. Precious Daughter didn't say one word the whole way home. Mighty B. tried starting a conversation with me. (Are you happy, mommy? No. Are you grouchy, mommy? Very.) He quickly discovered the wisdom of silence.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time. I know your busy.

When my guys were younger I refused to stay at a hotel that didn't have a playground. That way when the kids were bouncing off the walls I'd take them outside and let them burn off steam on the playground. I'd bring a flashlight and sit on a bench and watch them get it all out. Of course we usually travel with our dogs and having two pit bulls relaxing next to you while you watch the kids does keep the creeps away.


Coffee Bean said...

I've got something for ya on my blog!