Thursday, July 3, 2008

Uh-oh. No Turkey

A couple years ago, The Oracle talked me into a new tradition called "Turkey in July." You see, The Oracle loves roasted turkey, probably more than any other meal on earth. A couple years ago, I let him talk me into an all-day-oven event because he was practically dreaming about a Thanksgiving meal. It must've been heat stroke that let him get away with it.

This would be the third year for a July turkey, but my usual favorite spot (Whole Foods) for buying a turkey is turkey-less. How can you have no turkey? They don't even have turkey pieces. I mean, I could just as easily stuff and roast a turkey breast and roast skin-on pieces if I could get them, and I probably wouldn't need to have the oven on for six hours, either. It's a win-win, right?

If the Stupid Acme doesn't have a frozen turkey lurking in the bottom of a freezer case, I will never hear the end of it. The Oracle will not have his turkey dinner, and I will suffer months of I-told-you-to-order-it-in-advance lecture. (Because he did tell me to order it, and I kept forgetting.)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

WHole Foods is my favorite store. If they don' have turkey, then you are NOT meant to have turkey. What Whole Foods says, goes.

Hallie :)

Coffee Bean said...

Oh Dear Lord... the thought of fixing a turkey dinner in July makes me break out in a rash and cry!

Anonymous said...

I have turkey. Commisary is weird like that.

I could o.d. on some turkey too. I'd crank up the air conditioning.

HEY! Turkey on the GRILL!!!! You could do that! Smoke it!

Love you.
Begining of July and counting. Wanna come over this way and see the planes?


Aimee said...

You need to try deep-fried turkey. 3 minutes per pound, and as an extra bonus, it's outdoor cooking, so the Oracle has to do it. Contrary to what you may think, it isn't greasy or oily.

Although, you can't stuff it, so you need to cook the dressing in the oven.

Just Me said...

Y'know, I'd love to try a deep-fried turkey, but, regardless of whether its greasy or not, The Oracle's low-fat/no-fat approach to life could never mentally reconcile "deep fat" and "turkey." (I can just imagine how wonderful that skin would be!)

I got lucky, though. I have a huge transcript backlog, so I got out of cooking this weekend, and Giant happens to have fresh and frozen turkeys available. Maybe I'll do it next weekend.


--V said...

The old maid sez:

He wants turkey so bad, let him cook it. He know how to use the oven? If not, let him learn.

D'you think this might be why I'm still unmarried? Perhaps.