Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Burnin' the Midnight Oil

Why do attorneys want hurry-up transcripts when a holiday approaches? I have two days to complete decent-sized transcript, plus I have to catch up on what I couldn't work on while waiting for a new adapter.

- - - - - -

I finally got the damage estimate: $1,850. State Farm tells me the check is in the mail. The dealer tells me that most of the parts will arrive in a day or two, but others will take a week to ten days, possibly longer because of Independence Day. I keep taking deep breaths and telling myself to be thankful that work can finally commence.

- - - - - -

Pet Peeve:

It is not "Fourth of July." It is Independence Day. The why is what's important, friends, not the when. With the exception of 9/11, we don't observe "The Eleventh of November" or "The Last Monday in May."

And unless you're trying to speak in code over a kid's head, you refer to the day as B's Birthday and not "The (N)th of (Whatever)."

Every country has a July 4th. We celebrate Independence Day.


--V said...

What about Cinco de Mayo, then? Mexico knows what it means. I on the other hand have to look it up if I want to know what it is. Every. Single. Year.

Just being devil's advocate. And ornery. 'Cause the coffee hasn't kicked in yet, dang it. I've sent down a third cup to see what happened to the first two, and that one got lost as well. If I keep this up then by about noon I will no longer be able to sit still.

Just Me said...


You bring up an excellent point. Still, my only awareness of Cinco De Mayo is an increased number of Corona commercials on TV which is why it never crossed my mind.

I don't, and have never, done any celebration in observance of Cinco De Mayo except in 2005 when I said, Hey, look, it's 05/05/05!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You get greeted by a cat butt hole in the morning? What did you do to get so lucky?

Hallie :)

--V said...

Regarding 05/05/05, et al...

D'you think Satan worshipers everywhere threw a major party the following year on June 6? Food for thought.

Or not.

Hey, how come wonderful world of wieners' comments never have anything to do with your posts? Inquiring minds want to know...

Just Me said...

WWoW's comments stem from my responses to her site. I think she's trying to save me a return trip and a scroll through fifty comments to find her response. I think I might have five readers.