Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Costume (@&$%!!) and Another Sweets Day

Are you kidding me?

I should've seen it coming. Precious Daughter did the same thing in kindergarten, but I got off cheap that year when only "Sunday best" was required for her job as a narrator.

Mighty B. has to dress as a shepherd for this year's Grade-K Christmas pageant. Fortunately, shepherds are easy and I won't need the sewing machine at all.

On Friday, they're having "Sweets Day" as a fundraiser for Home & School. Yep, they did this last February, and some of you may remember my rant on the subject.

My kids have already placed their orders. She wants cookies, and he wants Rice Krispie treats. Well, at least the RK treats are easy to make. I am still tempted to dump the last of their Halloween candy into a bag and send it off to school with them, but I figure it will just come home in some other form.

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