Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Bizarre

My kids had their Christmas Bazaar at school today. Armed with Ziploc baggies of dollar bills and quarters, the silly antlers V&R gave them at their party the other week, a list of people to shop for, and gigantic bags to hold their loot, they scooted onto the bus full of enthusiasm for the day ahead.

The younger grades, (Pre-K to 2) are assigned helpers from the older grades to move things along and to keep the kids on track. Next year, Precious Daughter gets to shop on her own. It will be interesting to see how she does.

They got off the bus this afternoon with their bags of goodies, with Mighty B practically tripping over his untied shoelaces in his rush to get across the street.

Precious Daugther successfully shopped for everyone on her list, showing me everything one by one and telling me who it was for. She also has the sense to keep my present a secret. For the most part, her gifts are "right on the money" for their recipients. She and her helper did a really good job.

Mighty B, on the other hand, hasn't grown an inch in this department since last year. His helper clearly had his hands full. Last year, I popped in during the bazaar to give B something I'd forgotten, and his twelve-year-old helper was already frustrated in his efforts to keep B on track.

This year was clearly no better. His bag is full of toys, with a few practical items here and there. When I ask who the gift is for, it changes every thirty seconds. The item he says he bought for Precious Daughter is now for Daddy. A few minutes later, it's for Uncle B. He also proudly displayed the thing he bought for me despite my efforts to explain why it's kept a secret until Christmas Day. Oh, wait! Now it's for Aunt V. Phew!

Clearly, they had a wonderful time today. My biggest battle now is to keep Mighty B out of the gift bag until Christmas. He is obsessed with its contents.

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