Friday, June 6, 2008

84 days -- but who is counting?

My kids are off for summer vacation (well, almost. Precious Daughter has an inexplicable half day in the middle of next week and that's it).

Let the games begin!

"Mommy! He won't share!"
"_____ keeps bugging me!"
"Tell _______ to get out of my room!"
"Mommy! She took a bite of my popsicle!"
"He took a bite of mine first!"
"I'm bored." (What, already?)
"What can we do to keep cool?" (after only five minutes outside in the breezy, 81-degree sunshine.)

And this is just the beginning. I now see that my anticipation of June was nothing more than delirium or temporary insanity or something.

I suddenly understand why day camps are so expensive. Desperate parents will pay anything to avoid dealing with the above.

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