Thursday, June 26, 2008

Auto Accident - The Rental

Not much to report except that it took the girl's insurance company a day and a half to call me after I phoned them. Their plan of attack basically involved me taking my car to a service center, then their estimate, and then I get my rental.

Um, no. I told the woman I spoke with that I absolutely must have a car, and she sort of blew me off until I alluded to the magic words, "lost wages," by politely telling her that I am self-employed, that my work requires travel to different locations, and each day I can't work is a day I can't earn money. Their at-fault driver (and so they) would be responsible for those losses as well.

"Okay, Mrs. Burbage, I'm approving you for an intermediate-sized rental."

"What kind of car is 'intermediate-sized'?"

"It depends on who you go through. Each company defines it differently."

"Okay," I said, "because my husband is 6'6" and doesn't fit into most cars. Believe me, if we could shoehorn ourselves into a Prius, we would have bought one with gas prices the way they are."

You know, I didn't used to be this way. It used to be that I agreed and complied and did what they said with nary a peep. What the heck happened to me? How did I get to be so ornery? Their driver took me out of my super-roomy crossover, and now I'm being asked to squash my family of four (two of us in booster seats) into an "intermediate-sized" vehicle. If it's anything like the loaner Toyota we had during warranty work on our Explorer, that simply wasn't going to work.

The State Farm lady wouldn't budge on vehicle size, though, so I selfishly took it up with the collision center.

After much flip-flopping, I decided to have my car repaired at non-State-Farm-approved dealership because it's so new and still under warranty. Well, it's actually under warranty forever because we bought the mega-super-ultra extended warranty. We're not the sort of people who need a new car every few years. We drive them until they can't be driven any longer. With that in mind, I wasn't going to put it in the hands of anyone else and risk voiding my extended warranty.

For the sake of convenience I decided to use the dealer's rental service. One-stop shopping, right? I spoke with the woman there, explained my plight and the fact that my warranty contract would normally include a rental anyway, and managed to get myself into a Crown Victoria.

It's a nice-enough car, but I want my Pacifica back. I hope they don't drag their feet on this.


--V said...

You go, ornery one! Let 'em know they can't push you around.

Do you find that if they bend over backwards for you you'll let them off easy, whereas if they act like they're doing you a favor by giving you the bare minimum you fight back? That's how I get.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Robin's egg was NOT cooked. Raw as raw can be!!

Btw, you never said anything about the gift card. Did you get it?

And I love that you read me before PW!! Not sure I believe anyone would bypass Ree for me but hot damn!!

I think I've finally arrived!!