Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mighty B. Survives Pre-K

More accurately put, Pre-K survives Mighty B.

This is my handsome devil proudly showing his diploma. That grin of his is often the one and only thing standing between Might B. and well-deserved anihilation for the heinous things he does.
The ceremony was cute, with the kids singing little songs and reciting rhymes and whatnot. B was a ham throughout, and I wish I could post a clip. I just don't feel right doing that, though, since other peoples' kids are in the video as well. I know I'd be miffed if someone did that with pictures of my kids.
Afterward, he and I celebrated with a Spaghetti-Os lunch and a trip to the toy aisle where he picked a creepy-looking Transformer character. He knows how it works already, but I clearly need an engineering degree from MIT to figure this one out.
Oh don't let that smile fool you. there are many reasons why I call B the "Planned Parenthood poster child." (credit that line to JS. I wish I'd throught of it.)

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TheCottonWife said...

My baby just graduated Pre-K too! Only she cried for the entire graduation ceremony. Not fun.