Monday, June 2, 2008

Life's Little Annoyances

Prompting this post was my wrestling match with a bag of clay cat litter. Somebody please tell me what the "trick" is to those bags sewn shut at the top? I usually run a 50/50 chance of pulling the string and having the thread "unzip" itself properly. Tonight I fussed with the bleepin' thing for several minutes before lamely chopping at the string with a pair of round-tipped kiddie nail scissors (the only sharp implements handy in the bathroom where the litter pan sits).

What stupid thing gets on your nerves?


--V said...

I've found that the unzipping thing only works from one end. Yanking from the wrong end only tightens it.

And then there are the companies who don't know how to do it at all, of course.

What little thing annoys me? People who can't get off the phone with me, even after I've told them repeatedly that I need to go. "Gotta run." "Okay." and then they KEEP TALKING. Argh.

Just Me said...

Yes, I noticed that too (only unzipping from one end), but half the time neither end works. It's frustrating.

And, yes, I SO agree with people who won't hang up. The Oracle and I have one person in particular we avoid like the plague because you need the jaws of life to get off the phone.

Coffee Bean said...

No advice I'm afraid. I'm sure you do better than I would!

Hey, I am trying to get the word out about something and having a little contest on my blog. Come check it out!

Aimee said...

Those "resealable" food bags with a ziploc-thingie in them. Except they put the bags together wrong, so either one side of the zipper is too high to meet the other side, or it separates from the bag, and is useless anyway.

Number two is the school bus driver who blocks me into the daycare parking lot every morning.

Anonymous said...

My answer to the frustrating cat litter bag is to pawn the whole job off on my kids :-)

What annoys me is how the so called news agencies report their version of events and not just the events. Too many times I've been at an incident when it happened then after reading about it in the paper wondered where they got their information from since it was so different from what I witnesssed. Or you watch one version of the news on one channel then get an entire different take on a different channel. Can't they just report the facts and let us think (heaven forbid) for ourselves.

I'll stop now because I can really get off on a rant about this.